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Nomadic Paradise is committed to greater sustainability and reducing our imprint on the environment. 

With a love for the great outdoors and making the most of life by exploring Mother Nature central to who we are as a brand, we’re taking a number of steps to adapt and evolve authentically and with purpose, and in a way that will improve our impact for the good of the planet. These steps include:

Design Evolution

All Nomadic Paradise garment labels are made with recycled polyester that originates from recycled plastic bottles. This material uses fewer resources than new fibres and emits less CO2 emissions during construction.

We’re also proud to use 100% recycled cotton on all of our Nomadic Paradise swing tags.

Packaging and Bags

Nomadic Paradise products are protected using garment bags made from low-density polyethene and are proudly 100% biodegradable.

Our online orders are packaged in mailing satchels created from 80% recycled content and that are designed to be recycled again after you receive your goods. To do your bit for the environment, drop them off at your nearest soft plastic recycling collection point, into a REDcycle bin, or at your local supermarket.

 If you’re purchasing Nomadic Paradise items from a Neverland store, tote bags made from 100% recyclable materials are available for $5, while paper bags made from 80% recycled content are available at 20c a pop.

Energy Consumption

From our head office where designs are created to Neverland stores across Australia that stock Nomadic Paradise, we’re proud to be powered by carbon-neutral energy and working with a power supplier that is certified carbon neutral under the Australian government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.


The road ahead

We’re committed to positive change and making the world a better place whenever and wherever we can for everyone to enjoy.

We know the path to greater sustainability is a long one that will require constant evolution and ongoing improvements along the way, but we’re excited about the journey and look forward to sharing it with you.